Define: Gamer Girl

Being a female gamer, I should make the obligatory post on how I feel about the “Gamer Girl” culture. I’ll keep this as short and not-so-sweet as I can.

To sum it up: I don’t give a shit how people say we should be, and that’s addressed to guys and girls. 

Let me give you my impression of how things went down as gaming became more mainstream —

  • 1. Girls played. Most guys were in shock if they found a girl who played.
  • 2. The invention of the internet and the sudden shitstorm around the ‘girl’ playing online.
  • 3. The claim that gaming girls look like this (as if it’s bad — Adventure Time is the shit)
  • 4. The rebuttal that gaming girls look like this (as if it’s bad — her skin is flawless)
  • 5. Most guys are still shocked if girls play games. (sigh)

6. The shifting opinion — MY OPINION

We don’t owe it to anyone to explain ourselves. We like games for the same reasons guys like games. Sometimes we like punching something in the fucking mouth. Sometimes conquering the map is a big damn deal. Sometimes we like cutesy shit and play virtual dress up with our bad-ass characters.

To those who think the sexy, slutty female gamers are “FAKE” — Let them play their damn ‘fake’ games, if you can even call it that. It’s a game by definition, and in truth, most women are jealous they don’t look that fucking hot with a controller in their mouth. My answer — who GIVES A SHIT.

To those who think the overweight, slobby female gamers make up 95% of the girl gaming population — I dare you to look at the male population of gamers. No, really. Go walk into an EB Games or some shit, and look around. You’re probably more upset that the chunky girl kicked your ass at something you wager your ego on. My answer — who GIVES A SHIT.

Stereotypes came from SOMEWHERE. Are there ‘fake’, or slutty, or sexy, or obese, or lazy, or try-hard, girl gamers? OF COURSE. And there’s just as many girl gamers who are EVERYTHING in between. It’s not an exclusive club saved for the few who can prove they’re the real deal. There’s not a standard to live by.

Gentlemen — Beat us, play with us or get stomped by us. We’re as versatile as you. I’m not asking you to move out of the way for us, because we’re already pushing you to the side. We don’t need permission.
Ladies — Get off. We’re our own worst enemy. Stop judging. Stop whining. Be a feminerd and do you!  Just friggin’ play.

Have anything to add? What is being a gamer girl mean to you?


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