Grats! Fidelis Studios!

fidelisstudiosheaderIf you love or still play World of Warcraft, one of my long-time gaming buddies, Derek aka Tidus, has started a podcast site for World of Warcraft, the Fidelis guild, and several other nerdy things. His very FIRST podcast came out yesterday — it included some of Fidelis’ veteran players, even me! (The only female raider in Fidelis).

I’ll serve more as a special guest now and then — but when I am on it, you better fucking believe I’ll link it here. Not to mention, he needs all the love he can get to keep going and make more podcasts. He’s talented, he’s just starting out and has really great things planned!

This podcast includes:
— Introductions & recent WoW activity
— WoW Game changes (spec. Pally Tanking with Vengeance)
— Discuss game dev interviews
Notes: I drop the f-bomb within the first five minutes. Good times.

Check it out!

Fidelis Studios


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