FNC’s Site Shout-Out

Okay, at first Turntable seems like a normal music playing site, but here’s why my friends and I love it. It has a pretty decent selection of music, you can upload your own music (so long as you own it), and you and your friends DJ the song list.

This means it plays one song from each person in a DJ spot, and repeats when it reaches the end — slowly going through each other’s song list. This is excellent for game nights with the guild/clan, or whatever else you happen to do online WITH friends. Note* It doesn’t work otherwise. It doesn’t replace Pandora or Grooveshark so you can listen to your own music. It’s meant to be shared! It connects to facebook or twitter, making it easy to register and people can fan you or like your songs .. because … you know.. being digitally liked by someone is so freaking important these days. You can register your own room and only play with your friends every time. Sure, random people can join and jump up to DJ, but we’ve been using it for a year now and have never really had an issue. Also, the creator of the room has rights to kick people from the DJ spots. So no harm done! 🙂 Is one of your friends being a douche and playing shitty songs? Anyone in the room can “Dislike” a song playing and with enough votes, the song gets skipped and the next DJ gets played. Try it out, create a playlist and have fun listening to each other’s music choices!

Want to listen in on ours? We play Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 pacific.

My final shout-out is for I’m Loving Books; a book review site of mostly paranormal romance and urban fantasy in both adult and young adult.

Here’s why it’s great! If you like that sorta thing, she’s created a million (okay, I’m exaggerating) little buttons for people to put on their own blogs/sites to represent what books they love.

The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo

Do you love steamy love triangles? She’s created “Team ______” buttons for some of the most popular series out right now.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The buttons look great, and people love them and use the crap out of them. Hop over there and take some buttons for your own site. Don’t forget to link back to her!


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