Short Update!

Holy CAT SHIT Batman! Slight apologies for my absence. I have been battling the mighty allergy season of the South, suffering from the RIDICULOUS Sinus Infection of 2013, and fending off cluster headaches for the last two weeks. YES.. that is not a typo. If you don’t know what a cluster headache is… think MIGRAINE.. for WEEKS… IN ONE FUCKING SPOT IN YOUR HEAD. I think my organs finally gave out with the good ol’ fashion middle finger after all the painkillers and antibiotics I was on.


It was either that or the caffeine.

Never fear! I have returned to add MANY MORE REVIEWS. Gaming and Book reviews alike! More site shoutouts (send em if you got em!) and if everything works out… maybe something NEW and SHINY!

Now for something funny… because it’s FUCKING FRIDAY!!! /dance it out

Seriously, Batman. Get off his nuts.


So, what do you think?

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