Introducing: 3 Under $3!


I love a good deal. See. My most favorite gift, of all time, is a gift card. I know people hate them. But for me, it’s a puzzle. Figuring out how many books can fit in 10$ or 25$ — well, it gets me all sorts of excited. Second, I love helping people. Especially indie authors trekking this scary path … albeit… alone. So, since my meager paycheck for helping others cannot afford me to hand out gift cards to all of you, I figured I’d pass on the deals instead.

Every other Friday, I will post THREE titles under THREE DOLLARS! (That’s USD for my international visitors). These are three novels/novellas/short stories in the Young or New Adult category, that can be purchased from Amazon for under 3$ at the time of its posting. I do not receive ANY kickbacks for this, I have not read or reviewed these books — my aim is to help out debut authors by expanding their exposure and bring readers great deals.

That is all! OH WAIT! If you would like to see a novel listed on my 3 Under 3, leave a comment below with the title and author! If you’d like me to review your book, make sure to stop by my requests page!

*Disclaimer: A link back to my review site for featuring your novel would be great! And no adult fiction, non-fiction or poetry please.*


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