New Podcast and Site Shoutout: Roll20


If you’re into tabletop RPG games, and have friends across the room, state, country or globe, Roll20 is the ANSWER. FOR FREE allows you and your friends to create accounts and play just about every tabletop RPG game you can think of. Complete with digital whiteboard for maps and drawings (or the occasional penis sketch), clipart for players and badguys, automatic die pre-sets (D20, D8, D4.. etc), great chat capabilities AND.. the ability to integrate with Google Hangout with an app.. makes it the ULTIMATE NERD TOOL. AND IT’S ALL FREE. Of course, they’re always taking donations! Check this shit out and get playing!

Lastly, Tidus has edited a new podcast for Fidelis Studios — where yours truly and fellow raid members discuss upcoming flex raiding in WoW and more.


So, what do you think?

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