Requesting a Review


  • I would love books in print or ebook.
  • Books will be reviewed in a timely manner, but truly it depends on the number of books I am currently reading.
  • I accept all genres in NA (New Adult) and YA (Young Adult) EXCEPT: Mystery, Horror, Thriller.
  • Debut authors are the shiznit!
  • I do not/will not accept bribes or compensation to sway any reviews. The essence of this site is cold,  hard truth and that’s exactly what I will report.

What I Add to the Reviews

  • I will include the book cover (If one is not provided, I’ll use Amazon’s).
  • I will include the synopsis and author’s name.
  • I will include buy links and author links.
  • Posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble (If you have more, then provide links).
  • I’d love giveaways for readers and future fans of yours — if you got ’em, share ’em.